What is Yoga Tune Upยฎ?

Yoga Tune Upยฎ is a practice that is designed to enable individuals to take control of their bodies by eradicating pain and improve mobility in daily life. The approach targets neglected muscles that are often sources of pain. Yoga Tune Upยฎ allows individuals to cater to their bodyโ€™s needs to ultimately feel better in all aspects of life. The techniques of self-massage, strengthening, and lengthening of muscles not only erase pain but they also provide greater insight and proprioception of the body. I wandered to Kripalu Institute for Yoga and Health for a eye opening training on how to move to feel better within your body. Since my training, I am not only more mindful of my body but how I teach my students!  


I am super sparked up to announce that I am also now YogaSpark's Musicologist. What is that, you ask?

I will be charged with creating playlists that help sync our breath and bodies to the beat and 
move and groove on the mat! Expect great things.

If you find yourself humming some of those tunes after class, don't be surprised :)

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"No mud, no lotus."- Thich Nhat Hanh

The past couple months have been a learning process of how to grow NESSAYOGA. After hours of asanas, I am thrilled to announce that there are several new things to come! The new year has brought a plethora of new possibilities for me. Stay tuned for what's coming SOON.


Perfectly Private

Why do I love teaching privates? The intimate setting helps mature your practice at a speed perfect for your body. We work on poses that you want to master through the connection of your breathe. The small setting gives enables each practitioner to master their form and receive the perfect hands on assist. We work together to listen to your body to cultivate a sequence with adjustments specifically for you. Click here to schedule a private PERFECT for you! 

TRX Suspension Training Certification

As my yoga practice grew deeper, I found myself drifting away from my strength training. I came to yoga in aspirations to stretch my fatigued muscles. I left my heart in the weight room to find my soul in the yoga studio. I have felt a source of guilt creeping up on me as I slowly abandoned cross-training. I researched innovative workouts that would compliment my yoga practice. My search led me to discover TRX Suspension Training. TRX was developed by the Navy Seals to keep the Seals fit while on remote location missions far away from a gym. Every exercise utilizing the TRX has a foundation of a plank. The plank pose overlaps with numerous yoga asanas. I have blended exercises using the TRX with yoga poses to enhance my practice. The TRX is complex to use at first so I highly recommend private sessions.

Please contact me for further information. Namaste!  


A Privileged Practice with Tao-Porchon Lynch

While awaiting my friend to arrive at class, I noticed that I was the youngest yogi in the room. Tao-Porchon Lynch, the worldโ€™s oldest yoga instructor, walked through the door and an abundance of warmth entered alongside her. The 96-year-old teacher greeted me, as I stood in awe. She began class by mentioning that 2 weeks prior she broke her wrist and dislocated her hip. Immediately after the announcement she sat in lotus pose. I was amazed by her demonstration of how the body achieves what the mind believes.  She proved that age is just a numerical figure through her practice. I began to realize that I was not the youngest in class; instead Tao and her spirit rejuvenated the room with a lively atmosphere.  In a society that fights against age, Tao has found the fountain of youth. I aspire to channel her energy in my practice from this day moving forward. Namaste!