I am a teacher, giver, and creator.

I ignited my yoga journey from a physical standpoint. With an immense background in intense exercise, I began practicing yoga in order to lengthen and relax my overused muscles. While in a transitional period of my life, I was becoming aware of my feelings and body.

Yoga enabled me to synchronize my mind and body as one through the fluidity of my breath. For the past twenty years I was struggling to manage my emotions and understand how exactly my body works. I looked outwards to try and find guidance to avoid looking into myself. As my practice grew deeper, I began to look inward to evaluate what I could not comprehend. I strived to accept and mature the aspects that benefit me and slowly remove the negative traits. 

I have incorporated my "self cleanse" into my yoga practice. I continue to incorporate powerful postures into my sequences with anatomical awareness. My background in Yoga Tune Up® has helped me create an awareness about my body that translate to my students. I strive to spread the love, light, and guidance that yoga has provided me with my students. 

What inspires me, are my yogis. One of the greatest joys is seeing you build confidence in YOURSELF and your practice. You are what makes teaching more than a job for me. It has become the greatest gift of all.

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